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:: Monday, June 14, 2004 ::

Michael Moore is a big fat ... War Criminal?

You heard it here, first. Almost a month ago, I wondered what Michael Moore knew and when he knew it. Now the Associated Press finally has the story.

His stated reasons for not reporting his evidence are nonsense. Submitting his evidence quietly or even anonymously would have gotten the ball rolling without exposing him to accusations of self-promotion. The only plausible grounds for withholding his evidence of prisoner abuse is to increase the buzz around his film.

I don't have the Geneva Conventions handy, so I can't say for sure that his behavior actually constitutes a war crime, but it seems that hiding evidence of such for personal gain is more than a little dodgy.

I'll ask the question again: How much sooner could abuse have been stopped if Michael Moore hadn't sat on his evidence? How many Iraqis suffered to feed Michael Moore's vanity (and his bank account)?

While we're on the topic of Michael Moore and his crimes ... Does he have signed release forms from the prisoners and soldiers that he filmed?
:: Erik | 6/14/2004 01:45:00 PM | | ::

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