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:: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 ::

Tadpole Number One was engrossed in a book this morning and didn't insist on hearing his favorite song ("Im Orient" from "Gute Laune, Gute Fahrt") over and over and over again, so I was able to catch a bit of NPR on the radio. I was a bit surprised by the callers during the segment I heard.

Instead of the expected litany of complaints about "Red" America and promises to move to Canada, several callers in a row were Bush supporters expressing their hope that the anti-Bush crowd would finally shut up about the "unelected" stuff and start cooperating again.

I'm guessing the ABB crowd are still in shock and that they won't be calling in with the "I'm moving to Canada" stuff until they get to the depression stage of the grief process. Note that the next stage includes anger along with the depression, so if you live in a True Blue area you might want to get the Bush stickers off of the car.

Hopefully they'll make it all the way to "acceptance" this time around. I suspect that the messy end to the 2000 election left a lot of people trapped between "denial" and "anger" which lead to a lot of the over-the-top Bush-bashing of the past few years.

At least I hope that's what's going on. Otherwise, the ABB crowd is likely to get even more extreme. The last thing we need is an anti-globo Weather Underground. I'm fairly optimistic at this point, but I'll be keeping an eye out for signs one way or the other.
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