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:: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 ::

Another automated push poll
I just got another automated polling call. This one didn't malfunction but it was an obvious push poll. One of the questions was (approximately): "Given the current state of the economy, how important do you think it is to restore Democratic control of Congress? and the choices were: Very, Somewhat and Not.

Since most folks want to appear moderate, many people who are moderately inclined towards Republicans will choose the "middle" option. When the results are reported, though, you can bet that the "somewhat important" people will end up being lumped in with those who selected "very important" as "people who think it's important for Democrats to regain control of Congress." The end result will be to overstate support for congressional Democrats, perhaps a lot.

In case you're wondering, I selected "not important" since there was no button for "It'd be a freakin' disaster" (this administration is awfully free-spending, but the Democrats would be even worse, especially under a pander-monkey like Kerry).

:: Erik | 8/18/2004 07:27:00 PM | | ::

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