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:: Friday, August 27, 2004 ::

Whoa there, Horsey!
See if you can spot the flaw in today's David Horsey cartoon:

Hint: Who was president on August 4, 2000?

So much for those big media factcheckers we've been hearing so much about. I swear these guys aren't even trying any more. Hell, they aren't even pretending to try any more.

The next time someone tries to pin Enron on Bush, remind them that the abuses they've heard about happened on Clinton's watch. Under Bush, Enron executives are going to jail, despite any political and/or personal connections they might have had.
:: Erik | 8/27/2004 01:34:00 PM | | ::
:: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 ::
Spin, NPR, Spin!
I didn't hear the whole story (I was just walking past a radio tuned to NPR), but NPR's summary of Bush's statement on 527's was something along the lines of "Now that its run is over, Bush condemns the SwiftVets ad attacking Kerry."

The "summary" misrepresents the substance of what Bush actually said (he condemned the actions of 527 organization in general, not just that one ad) and gives the impression that it's a meaningless gesture.

Far from being meaningless, it could turn out to be pivotal. Bush is actually trying to get 527's pushed out of the campaign entirely. That would be a disaster for Kerry since the Democrats are making far more use of them than the Republicans.

The Swift vets seem to be relatively independent as these things go and have much less to do with the Bush campaign than the top tier Democratic 527's do with the Kerry campaign, so it was truly reckless of Kerry to go down this path. If he's smart, he'll shut up.

I'm betting on form, though, so I expect Kerry to give President Bush another opportunity to push his anti-527 message past the media spinmeisters guarding the gates.
:: Erik | 8/24/2004 11:46:00 AM | | ::

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